Our Services

Front End Engineering Design

Ibushe provides engineering and project management teams to execute FEED for all infrastructure developments in the energy sector.

All Ibushe’s FEED support is provided with an understanding of the key economic and risk drivers for the project, such that the solutions developed are tailored to ensure the project progresses smoothly to the execution phase. This is based on

  • Use of small teams of highly experienced engineers
  • A focus on freezing the Key Philosophies
  • Recognition of an optimum crossover between CAPEX and  OPEX
  • Practical solutions developed from experience of Start-up, Commissioning and Operating  phases
  • Commitment to design for asset lifecycle from the outset
  • Seamless handover to Detailed Engineering

Ibushe also takes great care to involve operations, detailed engineering and construction personnel in the development, risk assessment and decision making to achieve understanding and acceptance from all parties.

Our teams have access to all of the project management and technical tools required to execute projects efficiently and transfer data effectively. These include:

  • AutoCAD,
  • Project Management soft wares
  • Various

Concept Development & Selection

Ibushe’s integrated engineering teams work throughout the concept development and selection phases of field development. The teams develop appropriate documents at the level of detail needed to support cost estimation and risk management. 

Design Services

Ibushe Engineers and contractors provide comprehensive engineering design services at every stage of the design process. Ibushe Engineers and contractors develop design solutions which are:

    • independent of conflicts of interest
    • delivered with absolute confidentiality
    • drawn from a global capability and experience
    • designed to satisfy business needs

These attributes, combined with its specialist services and tools, mean Ibushe clients are confident in engaging us at the earliest stages of their projects.

Ibushe Engineers and contractors understand that operating companies vary in culture, business approach and drivers, and prides itself on the ability to tailor services accordingly. Its professional engineers are able to communicate effectively across all discipline areas, understand the key drivers for project success and match the design to business benefits.

Each of the design services categories provides more detail on how Ibushe Engineers and contractors improve its clients’ business in the design process.

Start-Up & Commissioning

Ibushe Engineers and consultants have extensive experience in managing start-ups ranging from service station construction to new depot development. The key to success is managing the interface between projects and operations so that production to be brought on-stream in a safe and timely manner.  Initially the team develop detailed start-up procedures incorporating pre-checks, materials needed, logistics, etc. System handover and acceptance is then a managed process. The final acceptance is facilitated by providing training in the modes of operation. Following start-up of individual systems, the start-up team can remain with the facility to identify and scope remedial modification providing ongoing optimization support ensuring that uptime is maximized and benchmarked peak capacities.

Personnel Staffing and Outsourcing

Ibushe Engineers and consultants offer staffing and outsourcing services. We offer services and personnel experienced in various oil and gas industry available for temporary, temp-to-perm or direct hire placement. At Ibushe we listen to your needs and evaluate your requirements for an exact fit.  We locate and place candidates who become an integral part of your thriving company, and are especially familiar with the energy sector environment, whether you need placement for a day or a month; temporary or permanent. Ibushe can provide you with full time or part-time, contract employment, temporary or permanent placements for:

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Data Entry Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Executive Assistants
  • File Clerks
  • Managers and Supervisors


Ibushe Engineers and consultants offer specialist training and technical services to serve the oil and gas industries. We are able to provide Trainers of all disciplines–Technical (Operations, Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation), Management and HSE. Depending upon the client’s requirements personnel can be sourced for short, medium and long term assignments, whilst minimizing mobilization times by utilizing Ibushe’s local personnel database.

  • Training Courses /Manuals: We conduct a wide range of short technical courses, Engineering management courses and HSE courses. Courses can be conducted at the client’s location. Ibushe offer a comprehensive documentation service and are able to produce Plant specific training courses and training materials. This can be done either in-house or at a client’s premises using experienced technical authors. Material developed can be produced in any language.
  • Production of Technical Documentation: Our documentation service can produce Plant specific Operating Procedures, Quality Assurance Procedures, Maintenance Procedures, Commissioning Procedures and Safe Working Practices. The documentation can be produced at our offices or at the clients’ premises using our team of technical authors and illustrators. Material developed can be Competency Assessment Systems